Mar 28, 2010

Watch KITES- Barbara mori -Hrithik roshan -Trailer

Barbara Mori wins all hearts of indians, she has given a wild entry into the movies of bollywood, After signing for KITES movie, the Mexican beauty Barbara Mori has became popular in India. She impressed everyone with her mind-blowing figure. Hrithik and Barbara pair is simply superb. Every one is waiting eagerly to see the chemistry between the Hunk and the Hottie on big screen. Especially the lip kiss scenes from Kites will give enough feasts for the eyes! Kites movie will be releasing in April 2010

she has very good smile and expressive face, no doubt she will rock for some more years in india.. this is the new trend that foreign natives are settling in india with handfull of opportunities like barbara... we expect some more beauties from all abroad over here...
keep it up barbara... ..
we wish you all the success in your entire life..

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