Mar 4, 2010

Scandal of Kalki Baghawan-

Our world is dashingly revolving with new speed of technologies, But still there are so many superstitions are in our minds..many of us have so many meaningless belifs and we name them as " tradition"..By taming those attitudes Swamies and Babas came into existence and made the normal people sleepless nights.. This is one more story of KALKI... BHAGHAWAN..

A controversy has erupted over an alleged scandal involving Swami Nithyananda who has an Ashram outside Bangalore.The Swami was allegedly filmed in a room with a woman in Tamil Nadu.

People attacked the ashram, even as his followers say the video is a defamatory conspiracy.

The Swami is said to have to have about 2 million followers around the world, and counts among them, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is in the MOB.

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