Mar 27, 2010

Shankarabharanam all HQ Video songs Download

sankarabharanam is classica telugu movie with the blend of south indian classical music. each and every scene you can experience a telugu feeling the songs were all melodiously composed.. Somajayi garu, the main hero of the film did very well, expressions were all came very natural..

Chandramohan garu, great artiste of telugu cinema. with his pretty and manly face he attacts the audiunce of all ages.. This is the first national award film from telugu industry.. not the that there are no other movies that were not as good as this..

Chandra mohan is the best actor of telugu film industry, kamal hassan praised him once because of his wonderful timely action in "PADAHARELLA VAYASU" acted with  glamourous sreedevi . He was very deglomourised and very innocent in that movie..

after rajendra prasad came to industry chandra mohan was replaced by him.. But i dont agree that it really happend..
anyway your valuable comments are welcome..
Download all the videosongs in one file..
shankarabharanam_all video songs high quality_songs.wmv

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