Mar 10, 2010

Rajitha offered herself to swamiji -News sources

According to news sources, Mallu Actress Ranjitha, has offered herself to swamiji in the way she wished, as seen in the  video of Nithyananda, attempted for suicide. Ranjitha tried to kill herself over the scandal by cuttting her vain.
The actress, was married to a army man. She is now a divorcee. She is the 10 year old telugu actress..acted in Mavichiguru with Jagapathi babu...

There are rumours that actress herself kept the spy cam in bed room to blackmail the swami Nityananda. This, however, backfired when the video ended up in the hands of the media.
One of the devotee said that,he was there at ashram for two months on his vacation. That time he saw actress Rajitha over there in ashram. All time she was with Nityanada, he added.
The Actress started visiting the Nityananda Ashramam to overcome depression caused by a failed married life and soon became a devotee of the swami.
Ashram Spokes man said that Nityananda went to Haridwar for Kumbhamela. Tamil nadu and Karnataka government are already charged a case against him.
Nityananda's advocate revealed that, the TV channel demanded Rs 50 crore from the swami, before telecasting this video          

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