Mar 25, 2010

NTR -Adhurs HQ Video songs Download

a beautiful comedy and great entertainer of one more NTR's film "ADHURS".
For those of you who like to laugh out loud and have no expectations of how a Vinayak or NTR film should be, Adurs offers good amount of entertainment. The film's greatest strength is its comedy and it may be said that we have never seen a better comedy in any of the previous Vinayak or, for that matter, Junior film in the past. It is clear that Adurs' writers and the director knew well beforehand that they were dealing with an average plot, involving two twins separated at birth by that favourite old lady, the bhamma in cahoots with the nurse, and the more ordinary premise of one growing up to be valorous and the other a timid one, and instill enough funniness into the proceedings.Its not just twin pair old combination.. it has new technical and musical values in this movie..

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