Aug 18, 2008

Download - Ghantasala Bhagavadgeetha

Bhagavadgita by Ghantasala- Lord krishna To Arjuna - Sung by the Great Singer Ghantasala..

Some of the friends asked for vemana poems -Vemana Telugu padhyalu... for them..

Bhoomi Naadi Anina - Vemana

Report any bad can mail to gntlas @GMAIL.COM


  1. thanks for providing bhagavath geetha mp3 songs link keep it up with old songs like vemana padyas,batruhari kavyas like that

  2. I am trying more than 1year to collect bhagavadgita now i got . thank to you very much.

  3. Thank you very much to download bhavadgeeta in telugu if you can provide vemana padyas,batruhari kavyas it can be useful to us thankyou


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