Mar 28, 2010

Download RARE Chandamama 1948-Telugu-Magazine

A very rare Children's Magazine is just a click away to download and read interesting stories this summer...

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for more Old issues are coming up  -Chandamama....TREASURE OF TELUGU
Know about the Great magazine :
Established in 1947, Chandamama is the brain-child of visionaries B.Nagi Reddy belongs to TADIPATRI(ANANTAPUR District of Andhra pradesh in INDIA) and Chakrapani. The magazine was launched with an aim to entertain and educate young minds about the rich traditions of India. Chandamama has been delighting readers since then with engrossing stories, amazing facts, and thought-provoking features. Mention Chandamama, and one will instantly recall popular features such as Vikram/Vetala, stunning artwork, and beautiful renditions of mythological tales.  Known for its vibrant illustrations and accurate depiction of traditional stories, the magazine has maintained its position as a brand that you can trust.

Chandamama launched its first editions in Telugu and Tamil followed by versions in English, and other Indian regional languages. Currently they are the only children’s magazine in India to publish in 13 languages. was launched in 2007 with sites following in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. And we continue to take giant strides as they enter other new media such as mobile phones, television, and films.

Chandamama was recently acquired by Geodesic Limited, a Mumbai based publicly traded company with establishments in the USA, UK, Sweden, and Hong Kong. Among its several products, Geodesic Limited is known for its instant messaging system, Mundu ( line with Chandamama’s vision and philosophy, they take pride in our very family-friendly workplace. 

Chandamama has earned the well-deserved position of being the industry leader in the children’s content segment.they are confident that they will continue to surge on this path and make our mark in emerging new media. Straddling the traditional and contemporary, Chandamama’s presence is sure to be felt everywhere in this increasingly global world.






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