Dec 29, 2012

Kate Winslets -Wedding Season -No-3-Rock N Roll

 Kate Winslet managed to get married to husband #3 right under the noses of almost everyone -- including, reportedly, own parents. When the news broke Thursday that the 37-year-old Oscar winner had married boyfriend Ned Rocknroll, little was known besides the fact that her two-time co-star Leonardo Dicaprio was the one to give her away.

And as more gushy details sprout up, it's clear that the quaint ceremony was as precious as it was secret.

The couple, who had been dating for more than a year, were married in early this month in New York's Catskill mountains in what sources told U.K.'s The Daily Mail was a "hippyish, country-chic" ceremony. They exchanged vows in a heated barn, which sources say was decorated with lanterns and jars filled with wildflowers. (Maybe they took cues from the equally hip, canoe-and-mason-jar nuptials of Amber Tamblyn and David Cross.)

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