Nov 27, 2008

Namitha hot in jaganmohini -photo gallery

Cast: Namitha, Raja, Vadivelu and Others
Direction: N K Vishwanathan
Banner: Lakshmi Movie Makers.

Banner: Lakshmi Movie Makers
Cast: Namitha, Raja, Vadivelu
Direction: N.K. Vishwanathan

If you are at and above of 40 you can know the "Jagan Mohini" - A super hit success Telugu movie which was dubbed in Tamil in 1978. Late Vittalacharya was directed Narasimha Raju was hero and Jaya Malini was heroine. Vittalacharya was done lot of visual effects in that movie was marvelous even human are unheard about Computers that time. Vittalacharya directed lot of Ghost movies in that “Jagan Mohini” was the top to scare the viewers as well as collection.
Now Tamil Cinema Industry utilizing the computer graphics… What ever Vittalacharya done visual effects can be get with less time now with help of computers. Lakshmi movie makers are got the rights of jagan Mohin from Vittalacharya son and going to re-make the Jagan Mohini. Nk.Viswanathan going to direct this modern Jagan Mohini and they identified Namitha as heroine for this remake movie.
The gorgeous glamour actress Namitha is acting with all leading heroes now. Jagan Mohini movie was screened to namitha and she had met with Jagan Mohini heroine and yesterday glamour actress Jayamalini. Namitha got tips from her.

Fans are enjoying Namitha's glamour now and they are going to scare by this movie too

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