Nov 5, 2008

Download Saw V (2008) TS XViD-PreVail


Movie Title: Saw.V.2008
Theater Date: October.24.2008 (USA)
Release Date: October.26.2008
CD/INFO: Cd1-50 x 15mbs
Framerate: 25ps PAL
Audio: Line 48000 128mbs vbr
Type: Telesync XviD
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 1,513 votes
Genre: Action | Crime | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

In These Troubled Times, We shall PreVail!!!

Tagline:You won't believe how it ends.

Plot: Forensics expert Hoffman goes on the hunt in order to protect the
secret that he is the newest person to carry on Jigsaw's legacy.


Following Jigsaw’s grizzly demise, Mark Hoffman, the final apprentice to the serial killer is reigned a hero. Meanwhile, Agent Strahm is tested and puts the pieces together. While Strahm realizes that Hoffman is helping Jigsaw, five seemingly unconnected people face a horrible lesson of teamwork.

Strahm follows all the leads he can get off Hoffman, including the death of his sister and why he joined Jigsaw. Hoffman and Strahm circle each other until it boils down to a gruesome and bone-crushing finale.


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