Mar 12, 2013

NTR- Badshah Will Become Block Buster Movie-News

Young Tiger NTR and Srinu Vaitla’s upcoming film Badshah will have lots of expectations not just because of NTR who has tremendous mass fan following, but also because this movie is coming from the director Srinu Vaitla, who directed the second biggest hit of Tollywood recently. This movie is going to be a different film for Junior NTR as it would be more of romance and comedy and less of action and violence.

If we go into the details of the storyline, the entire first half runs in a foreign country where most of the episodes will run between the hero and heroines teasing each other and finally they end up loving each other. All these episodes are prepared to generate lots of humor. By the time they start loving each other and just before the interval, heroine’s father takes the heroine away from the hero. Heroine’s father is looking for the best and the number one Don to become his son-in-law. After knowing this, NTR along with his assistant Chatterji (Brahmanandam) enters into heroine’s house as Badshah of Dons. Humorous and funny episodes start again as Brahmanandam and Junior NTR start trying to behave like Dons. Climax episodes are expected to stun the audience with some unexpected twists.

Overall, this movie is going to be yet another typical Srinu Vaitla style Comedy and Action entertainer and a different film for Junior NTR as you will see him doing limited…..

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