Mar 8, 2013

IlayRajas - New Super Hit - Gundello Godari

Gundello Godari(2012)

Manchu Lakshmi is planning to open success floods for her Manchu Entertainment Banner with a film on Godavari floods titled ‘Gundello Godari’


Right after Malli (Aadi) and Chitra(Manchu Lakshmi) marriage ceremony, Godavari in spate enters the entire village and the wedding venue. Everyone will run for cover and Malli and Chitra will be left alone. To save themselves they try to hold on to whatever they could before settling on a roof top. Then comes the real twist with Chitra questioning why Sarala(Tapsee) presented Malli a costly ring and Malli enquiring about the chain presented by Dora Babu(Ravi Babu) to Chitra. What is the secret behind it forms Gundello Godari.

Cast & Crew : Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna, Tapasee, Sundeep Kishan, Aadhi Pinisetti
Music : Ilayaraja
Lyrics : Chandra Bose, Anantha Sriram, R.Ramu, Palani Bharathi
Director : Kumar Nagendra
Producer : Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna
Gundello Godari
Andrea, Hema Chandra
Vechaani Vayasu
Geetha Madhuri
Nanu Neetho
Ekkadundhi Naa Kodi
Mano, Anitha
Aa Eedhi Kurrodu
Ramya N.S
Sri Vardhini

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