Jul 24, 2012

Jennifer Leopaz Crossed 43 years-Short Biography-Photo Gallery

The sexy singer showed off her famous curves at a concert in Panama recently. The mother of two wore a shiny, sheer nude catsuit with stones on it to cover her modesty

Listed as an actress, singer, record producer, dancer, television personality, fashion designer and television producer, Jennifer Lopez redefines showbiz multitasking.

She has her own fashion line, with plans to launch another one soon, a successful music career as well as a movie career that's shaping up again (at one point of time, she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood)

She started out her career as a backup dancer on television, even appearing in videos for bands like New Kids On The Block and performers like Janet Jackson.

But her real break came when she was signed as a regular dancer called "Fly Girl", in the popular television series In Living Colour.

Soon after In Living Colour, she became a regular back-up dancer for Janet Jackson, touring with her around the world for various concerts. Obviously, though, Jennifer was meant for bigger things.

After almost six years of struggling to make a mark for herself, she burst onto the music scene. Her first album, titled On The 6, peaked amongst the top ten albums of 1999, charting with it the single If You Had My Love, which peaked at number one.

On The 6, which was a reference to the subway line she used to take as a child, also featured possibly her biggest song to date, Waiting For Tonight.

The album was special for another reason, because it featured the song No Me Ames, a collaboration with singer Marc Anthony who would later become her husband.

Jennifer's second album, simply titled J.Lo, released in 2003 and was deemed an instant success.

One of the hit songs it spawned was Love Don't Cost A Thing, which became her first number one hit in the UK, amongst achieving other such milestones.

That same year, Jennifer also starred in the film The Wedding Planner, which debuted and stayed at number one, thus making her the only person in history to have a number one film and number one song running simultaneously.

During and before her fledgling music career, JLo was dabbling in performing arts and television, where she was mostly sidelined with minor roles.

Her film debut was in the 1995 film Money Train, starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. The film was a commercial and critical bomb, but Lopez managed to turn some heads, and getting work was never a problem after that.
The next year, she beat out competition from A-list actresses to star in Francis Ford Coppola's Jack, opposite Robin Williams.

At the time, reviews of the film were scathing, effectively ending Coppola's magnificent career. Today, however, opinions are polarized. JLo's performance is generally praised, though she didn't really have much to do.

Indian audiences might recognize the film, because it was the sole inspiration for Amitabh Bachchan film Paa.
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