Jul 2, 2012


Ilayaraja song will be part of the Olympics Games 2012 Opening Ceremony anthem that is being composed to represent the culture and heritage of many countries participating in the games, the organizers have put together a medley song that comprises of music from different countries. Ilaiyaraaja's "Naan Daan Ungappanda" song from "Ram Laxman" movie that was sung by SPB will be part of the medley.

The Olympics Games 2012 Ceremony will have the original version played, this being the creative brainchild of "Danny Boyle", director of Slum Dog Millionaire, to whom credit for the development of the inaugural show goes.

Danny Boyle is directing the £27million Olympics Games 2012 Opening Ceremony, and plans to transform the Olympic Stadium into the British countryside for the 62,000 spectators and millions watching on TV.

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