Jul 9, 2012

Eega- NaaN EE - Movie Review- Super Hit Movie

Eega - Naan Ee - Movie Story Line : Nani (Hero - Nani) is madly in love with neighbour Bindhu (Samantha), who playfully keeps him guessing about her feelings for her. Sudeep (Sudeep- Kannada Super hero), a millionaire and a womanizer, lusts after Bindhu and murders Nani when he comes to know of his love for her. Nani is reborn as a housefly and swears revenge! At a Time Released in both Popular Movie Industries (Telugu -Tamil and named the Film Eega (Telugu Version) - Naan Ee (Tamil Version)


In One line - A Must See Movie  
Eega Movie Review: Telugu Movie Director Rajamouli's 'Naan Ee' is a film that requires suspension of disbelief but it goes about its task in such a brilliant manner that you have no choice but to surrender willingly — and gleefully — to its charms. It is a premise that is sure to make many a filmmaker smack his forehead and exclaim 'Why didn't I think of this?' As in his biggest hit 'Magadheera', revenge and reincarnation are the themes of the director's latest offering, but the difference here is that the hero is reborn as one of the lowliest of creatures — a housefly. And, what a difference it makes!

This 'Ee' isn't one that you casually dismiss with a swat of your hand but one that makes the antagonist sweat and finally fall prey to its plan. The casting of Sudeep as the businessman with a roving eye is clearly a masterstroke. The role requires someone who is charismatic but still conveys wickedness. An established Tamil actor might have made the character look formidable, but Sudeep, a popular hero in Kannada films, is relatively a new face to Tamil audiences. And so, he makes for a fearsome but vulnerable foe.

Rajamouli smartly does away with Nani's romantic track in a brisk and delightful manner to let Sudeep and 'Ee' take centrestage and the duo doesn't disappoint even for a moment. The director comes up with inventive ways (right from the incessant buzzing around Sudeep and disturbing his sleep to make him crash his car and burn his house down) on how a small insect can torment a human being. And he treats these scenes with the right amount of lightness of touch -- even as you laugh at the plight of the villain, you never lose track of the fly's objective of killing him. The director has you so engrossed in the film that you don't even notice the absence of Santhanam (who is often the welcome presence in most films nowadays). When he pops up in the second half (in a rather brief but funny scene), you actually let out a silent groan fearing that a comedy track might hinder the film's pace.

The film is a technical triumph, especially the visual effects by Makuta VFX. Barring the scene when it hatches from the egg and certain close-ups that clearly scream animation, the housefly is a success, right from the red compound eyes and body hair to the almost transparent wings. The background score by Maragadhamani (known as Keeravani in Telugu) perfectly complements the film. The songs, rather than being speed bumps in the screenplay, actually take it forward.

Rajamouli ends with a killer punchline that isn't uttered and your only reaction as it flashes on the screen is to stand and applaud. This is a bravura piece of commercial filmmaking that is an unqualified triumph in every aspect.

Tip-off: Do not miss the hilarious epilogue, which also features a trademark cameo from Crazy Mohan (who is also in charge of the dialogues).  

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