May 11, 2012

Sneha -Prasanna Wedded Today- May 11 2012

Kollywood’s reel couple to become real couple in life. capping their nearly three-year long love affair, actor Prasanna is all set to unite his hands with Smiling beauty Sneha, ending all the rumours about them..!!. Prasanna announced this news officially today.

Sneha and Prasanna acted together for the first time in Achamundu Achamundu. It was then the relationship between them got strengthened and kick started to fill gossip columns. They were seen together at all events – be it film premieres, parties or at common friends’ houses(including the recent Ra One Premiere Show

Neither did the stars deny the relationship, nor accept it in open.
Today Announcing his marriage with Sneha, Prasanna said, “Me and Sneha decided to marry soon with the blessings of our parents.  The engagement is going to happen soon.”

Let us wish the star couple, a very happy married life.

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