May 23, 2012

Gorgeous Nita Ambanis Cute Daughter Sweet Words about her Mother

Nita Ambani Cutest Daughter Isha Ambani Shared some important info about her mother.

Ever since I was young, my mother told me that we were best friends. I remember
putting her name first on every birthday party list I made. I always counted her as one of my best friends. She is someone I can share anything with without the fear of being judged, someone who's company I enjoy most and with whom I have the most fun. Yet she is someone who will lift me up when I fall and show me the right path.

My mother has been a constant source of inspiration for me. Her devotion to her family and children is supreme. No matter how tied up she is, if any one of us is in the slightest of need she will make sure she is there for us. She is often teased for obsessing over us!

Along with being the most loving and caring mother, she has also excelled in everything that she has taken up. She is fuelled with this incredible, infectious energy, which instantly invigorates those around her and pushes her to play many roles to perfection. It is this that I admire most - her ability to be such a dedicated mother and yet juggle all her responsibilities impeccably.

Someone once told me that God couldn't individually be there for each and every one of us, that is why he created mothers. I couldn't agree more. Mothers are certainly the ones who look out for us and love us unconditionally no matter what. For me, my mother is my
best friend, partner in crime and soul mate.

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