Dec 20, 2009

The Best Flute full Instrumental Songs of the World

Flute is the Instrument which will keep us in happy mood. Recently scientists discoverd instrumental music maintains normal Blood Pressure of human being irrespective of any age..

The flute is just over two feet long. Flutes are usually made of metal, and some are even made of gold! Flutes and piccolos are used in orchestras, wind bands, and jazz bands. They have a bright, silvery sound. Other flute family members include alto and bass flutes. These play lower than the standard flute. They are rarely found in the orchestra but are often used in jazz.

Orchestras usually have two or more flutes. They sometimes play the same notes as the first violins, making the string sound a little clearer. The flute is often featured as a solo instrument, especially in fast passages. Its highest notes carry over the whole orchestra, and because flutes have so many keys they are very good for playing quick scales and other fast passages.

Andean Nocturne - Bolivian Mocheno Download
Canyon Echo - Native American Flute Download
Cry of the Dragon - Japanese Ryuteki Download
Eagle Dance - Moroccan Fipple Flute Download
Emerald - Irish Porcelain Flute Download
Flute Traveller - Alto Download
Ghost of Palenque - Mayan Clay Recorder Download
Kotory (Little Bird) - Japanese Shinobue Download
Love Song - Native American Flute Download
Man Jiang Hong - Chinese Di Tzu Download
Morning Prayer - North Indian Bansuri Download
Mountain Spirit - Chinese Ba Wu Download
Rain Forest - Chilean Ocarina Download
Sanctus - Silver Flute Download
Shepherd's Hymn - Romanian Panpipes Download
Song of Sunda - Javanesse Suling Download

Instrumentals - Indian Flute Classical
Flute By Sikkil Sisters mp3 songs

Karunimpa (Varnam) Sahana Adi Download
Kavadichindu Bhairavi Adi Download
Manasuloni Marmamulu Hindolam Adi Download
Ramabhakti Suddha Bangala Adi Download
Terateeyagarada Gowli PantuAdi Download
Thillana Kapi Adi Download
Toli Janmamuna Bilahari Kanda Chapu Download
Visweswara Sindhu Bhairavi Rupakam Download 

Flute full Collections

1. Flute by Remo Fernandez Download
2. Chinese Bamboo Flute Download
3. Pornami - 1 Download
4. Pournami - 2 Download
5. Asoka Theme Download
6. DJ Nasha - Fantasy Download
7. Bombay Tune Download
8. KondaViti Donga Download
9. 7/g Brundavan Colony Download
10. Kamli Theme -1 Download
11. Kamli Theme -2 Download
12. Tammudu Download
13. Rose - Titanic Download
14. Khaled-Flute Download
15. Pan Flute Download
16. Treasure Venture Download
17. Yodha Download
18. Tahaan Download
19. Cant Go Home (water) Download
20. Kadhal Konden Download
21. Pralaya Download
22. Oke Okkadu Download
23. Airtel Pearl Download
24. Sakhi Download
25. Row Of White Trees Download
26. After Wounded Knee Download
26. Am Techno Dancing Flute Download
27. Jana Gana Mana(Indian National Anthem) Download
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  1. Great job.. I just want to say thanks for your great job.. Do you have guitar chords for titanic music..

    1. Thats really beautiful- Titanic instrumental songs are great.

  2. it is also known as koyal of hindi songs we all need this type of enegetic voice to save our hindi culture :)


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