Dec 23, 2009


Hollywood is the Stage Showing miracle movies since past.. If anything movie has been done with all perfect animations and good story line that would be the Hollywood movie... Nobody could, would , might ever do like this.....just hollywood...

The early press about James Cameron's latest movie, "Avatar" couldn't have been more hyperbolic: this film was going to forever change the way we experience movies. The director -- already famous for wowing audiences with quicksilver robots in "Terminator 2" and sinking an entire ocean liner in "Titanic" -- spent over a decade working on the movie. He reportedly developed a brand new 3-D camera for the flick along with entirely new technologies for motion capture. The movie's budget was reportedly in the ballpark of $300 million. And yet there was almost no word on what the movie was going to be about, and few indications of what it was going to look like.

Though the first sneak peak to a Comic-con audience received raves, the positive buzz for "Avatar" diminished when the first trailer came out in September. It outlined a plot that seemed glaringly familiar and it showed a bunch of half-naked blue people running around a digital jungle. To say it failed to overwhelm would be an understatement. The flick was almost immediately dubbed "Dances with Smurfs" by furious fans on the internet. Blogs made unflattering comparisons between "Avatar" and the CG animated fiasco "Delgo," which is also about half-naked blue people in a forest.

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