Dec 22, 2009

What happend Jab Ash Met Vivek

Aishwarya rai,is next left to Vivek obrai- her first boy friend in bollywood
Sometimes media plays a vital role in making things and showing things bigger as it appears just like this,recently Aishwarya Rai’s past has put her in awkward situations. First it was a chance meeting with ex- boyfriend Salman Khan on December 17, and now its her boyfriend Vivek Oberoi .She bumped into Vivek Oberoi on Saturday at 'Jashn 2010-Dhamaka Bollywood Ka',a Mumbai police event.

After Vivek entered the venue, he was shocked to see the seating arrangement. The LCD screen which was placed at the entrance showed that his seat was right next to Aishwarya’s. Sources present at the event said that Vivek was shocked that he had to sit next to Aishwarya. He simply refused to enter the function. It was the organizers who tried hard and somehow managed to convince him to sit exactly where they wanted.

Sources said that there was space for one person between Ash and Vivek. Asin was sitting there seconds before Vivek. Bu then she later went to perform on stage.

As soon as Vivek sat down, Ash took a sneak-peek at him. An eye-witness said that Ash became very restless and began fidgeting. Vivek could sense her discomfort. He suddenly turned and looked at her. To help matters, designer Manish Malhotra who was standing nearby, came rushing in and sat between the two. Sensing the vibes, Vivek left his place in a few minutes and went away.

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