Sep 7, 2009

Download Jaganmohini (NAMITHA) Mp3 songs 2009

Music of Namitha’s yesteryear’s remake Jaganmohini of old Jaganmohini (Narasimha raju and Jayamalini in old movie 1978) which was launched at Prasad Labs on the night of 22 August. D Rama Naidu launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to C great music Ilayaraja composed music.

Writer Vennelakanti said, “The original Jaganmohini film was made in Telugu first. Later on it was dubbed in Tamil and it went on to run for 375 days in Tamilnadu. I saw that film three times. It was directed by Vithalacharya. This movie is a remake of Jaganmohini film. Ilayaraja composed music.”

Raja said, “If this film were made by some other producer, it would have been scrapped the midway. I am very happy that I acted in this movie. I am more happy because Ilayaraja composed music. I would like to thank the producer and the director for this opportunity.”

Producer Murali said, “This film has lots of graphics. We erected sets in three islands. It took more time to produce as it has lots of graphics. It is a bilingual film in Telugu and Tamil. I am confident of success.”

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jagan mohini as namitha beautifully acted as jayamalini in old movie jaganmohiniMovie: 2009
casting: Raja, Namitha, Meera Chopra
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01-Chesukunte Rajane Nechesukunta
02-VennelalaVela Kannu Kalapali
03-Poochenu Moham Puvvullo
05-Nuvvu Vina Gathi Evaru

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