Sep 9, 2009

Are we electing the best CM - Andhra-Editor post-

ysr jagan,ntr
No doubt YSR is the great politician, has done his best to the people of andhra pradesh. He should not have been died by this time. He has so many dreams and aspirations towards andhra people. we are all in distress now. we cannot take readily any decisions which are important for future...i think...

Now that the era of YSR is over, the time has come to look at who can be the rightful successor for his chair. Right now, most of the fingers are pointing towards his son Y S Jagan but then there are those who are not too happy with it. Apparently, Jagan is now being compared to Rajiv Gandhi and the legendary N T Rama Rao and those who are not for his candidature say that he is too young and politically inexperienced.Well, those who are supporting Jagan say that even greats like Rajiv Gandhi and NTR have not been experienced when they actually became Chief Minister or Prime Minister respectively.

The analysts say that the fundamental for taking up a key position is the public support and the ability to handle the administration in a good way. Though Jagan has been off the screen while YS was around, it is said that he had closely followed the movements of his father and has got a fair amount of idea.Also, when folks like NTR and Rajiv Gandhi did not have any credentials except the public support, many have now been asking as to what is stopping Jagan from becoming the chief minister. Though the amount of opposition seems to be minimal, YSR has been able to keep the Congress party under one roof. So the coming weeks will reveal the correct position and how many will accept Jagan as the Chief Minister. When an actor and megastar wants to just participate in elections, some so called gurus not accepted.. its true he has no political background and has experience but the situation is also the same now..

If jagan would be the CM according to the wish of Andhas we must continue our support and guide him properly to reach our Great CM (Y.S.R) dreams and aspiration..
What do you say??
i would like to hear your comments..

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