Sep 21, 2009

BSNL FREE Internet on your GPRS CELL-on PC

The simple will illustrates you how can connect to your cell to pc having GPRS ENABLED on your cell .

1. First have your mobile set up with PC to access internet like any usual paid connection. I think you all must have this done already.
2. Now make a new dial-up connection using your same modem that you were using for internet access with the following configuration Dial-up number *99 ***1 # Proxy address Proxy port-8080 and please dont put any username and password. Name the connection as BSNL or anything of your choice.
3. Now go to control panel and open internet options. Select connection tab and select the connection named BSNL and the select configuration here “enable automatic detect configuration” and in proxy server “enable use a proxy server” Put the proxy address as ” 192.168.51163 ” and proxy port as “8080 ” in the repuired fields. Now click OK and you are done with configuration on PC now
4. Now in your mobile open tools->configuration- >connection->access point In this “access point” field put “celloneportal” and then exit everything.
5. Now connect your P C internet access using the new configuration named BSNL and you can see that it ir connected but it will put open any home page right now. Keep the connection working and conect still do not disconnect please.
6. Open the homepage it will open homepage now leave it as it ir but don’t exit it. Now again open the internet explorer on your pc i hope you didnt disconnect your connection as i had warned you all if it was not connected then open any site of your choice and yes your done Enjoy for free and full access to internet with no charge.

This is just an example.. i donot appreciate illegal usage.. Buy BSNL Broadband for 125 /- pm..

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