Jun 2, 2012

AdhiNayaKuDu Super Hit Mp3 -Musical HIT

Brief Review about Adhinayakudu .

 AdhiNayaKuDu Super Hit Mp3 -Musical HIT . Though it has created some controversies. Movie is really doing well. Balakrishna Action is the big asset for the film. In Which he has acted Triple role in this film. He has shown various shades in the entire film. Lakshmi Rai is so hot she will be the good asset for this film.

Musically the movie is simply rocking.. M.M.Keeravani Brother Kalyan Malik has given wonderful dance numbers and melodies in this film. Its a big treat to all the viewers of the film. Especially FANS will enjoy the FILM.

Listen Adhinayakudu Super hit Mp3 songs

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