Feb 2, 2011

Rajinikanth-Aishwarayarai- HQ Top 7 Robo Video Songs

'Ardent beauty Aiswarya rai-Sells' is the well known phenomena that is popular in the advertising circles. Henceforth, esxy women endorse the brands that were not associated with any female even. In the same way, these days movies with esx quotient are running high rather than just exposing. Hot married aunty of Indian cinema, Aishwarya Rai is also affected by the same phenomenon.

 Download Robo video songs..

Boom Boom Robo Da 75.86 MB
Robo -Aishwarya rai -Rajinikanth Video songs


Chitti Dance Showcase 26.80 MB
Robo -Aishwarya rai -Rajinikanth Video songs


Harima Harima 85.69 MB
Robo -Aishwarya rai -Rajinikanth Video songs


Inumolo O Hrudayam , 85.57 MB
Robo -Aishwarya rai -Rajinikanth Video songs


Kilimanjaro 90.50 MB


Neelo Valapu 93.15 MB


O Maramanishi 71.75 MB


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