Jun 26, 2009

DiCaprio Catch me if you can Download 300 mb movie

Download catch me if you can

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story line:-

Based on a true story, DiCaprio plays Frank Abagnale Jr, one of the 1960s' most legendary con artists. Opening with his home life, everything seems perfect for the youngster whose loving parents (Walken and Baye) have a happy middle class lifestyle. But everything changes when Frank Sr is investigated by the IRS and his mother files for divorce only to marry one of his best friends.

Frank Jr runs away to the big city and soon realises that he has a cash problem. However, with a little bit of ingenuity and some guile he starts passing, then forging, cheques from the account his father has opened for him. Realising that the art of scamming lies more in convincing people with a personal touch, Frank charms his way through the prettiest bank clerks in New York who all fall for his tricks and keep him in dollars.

Soon he aspires to bigger things. Almost unbelievably, Abagnale Jr worked as a co-pilot for PanAm, a senior pediatrician, and an assistant DA in Florida - all without any formal qualifications. Just how and why he became these figures allows Spielberg to tell a hugely enjoyable story. Abagnale's personal charm and his choice of positions that people automatically trusted is explored in a joyful and almost heady manner.

His downfall however was his inability to stop cashing fake cheques and inevitably the FBI began chasing him: notably in the form of Agent Hanratty (Tom Hanks). Thus begins a cat-and-mouse chase. While the two rarely share screen time, their relationship, one of almost grudging admiration (Hanratty for Abagnale's skill as a forger, and the latter for Hanratty's normal life), is one that is very convincingly portrayed.






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