Dec 1, 2008

Download - Vinayakudu 2008- telugu mp3 songs

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The film is a love affair between fat Karthik (Krishnudu) and sophisticated Kalpana (Sonia).Kalpana is urbane, independent, strong, confident and arrogant to a certain degree of the girl,

who is the only daughter of parents. She works in the advertising agency, where he is veryassertive. Karthik joins the same ad agency . Kalpana Karthik coincidence and stay in the same
apartment complex (Sonia Sandhya stays in her flat as a friend of her parents went abroad for a
period of six months, while Karthik stays with his sister, played by the Sathya Krishna).

Initially, Kalpana Karthik and not each other. Karthik is a roly-poly boy with the cherubic face.
He does not understand the language and urban as it is from a small town. Compared to him,Sonia is strong and intelligent. You do not like it when asked the head of Karthik to work with her.

However, situations in which they have been forced to stay with Karthik. Innocent Kalpana
Karthik start loving that we are seeing another boy Rajeev (permanent parents). Later breaks with
Rajeev. They say hate at first sight, love leads to the second view.

Download free Vinayakudu mp3 songs

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