Jan 3, 2011

Maddelacheruvu Suri attacked -died -doctors confirmed

A gang of three men with masked faces have attacked Andhra Pradesh faction leader Maddelacheruvu Suri on Monday, Jan 3. Suri was badly injured when the gangsters fired at him while he was traveling through Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

Suri was admitted to Apollo Hospital. Sources from Hyderabad reported that Suri is in coma stage and chances of survival are very low. The entire Andhra Pradesh is in shock after the attack. Police deployed enough force in different parts of the state to protect the spread of further clashes.

According to Apollo doctors information, MADDELACHERUVU SURI DIED .

According to TV channel reports, 2 bullets went through Suri's brain stomach. Suri is one of the accused in the murder of Paritala Ravi.

More details are awaited.

Recently Rakthacheritra-2 released allover india.
The film was made literally based on that factor and just like the first part, it is heard that Suri had watched the second part also in a theatre in Bangalore. However, unlike the last time frenzy, this time, things got emotional. Sources say that Suri got strongly connected to the film and was seen in tears.

The second part is quite emotional and the focus is more on the character of Surya Bhanureddy which has been made strongly on the basis of Suri’s life. The TV bomb blast incident, the car attack and few other episodes had reportedly struck a chord with Suri and it seems he was moved to tears.

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