Jan 16, 2011

Download Jagannadha -Devotional Mp3 songs

Sree Janardana Swamy Temple at Varkala attracts a great number of devotees from all over the country. It is located about two km. west of Varkala railway station atop a hill on the coast. The temple is also known as Varkala Temple. Moreover Janardana Swami is a form of Lord Vishnu.

Varkala is also famous for the Papanasam holy spring, which is a health resort in addition to being a place which elevates the pilgrim spiritually.

Legend of Sree Janardana Swamy Temple
There is an interesting legend behind the temple. Once when Brahma was relaxing in his `Vyjayanti` assembly, the sage Narada entered singing the praises of Sree Narayana. Lord Brahma was so enraptured that he fell at the feet of Narada seeing him not as a son but as Hari Himself. The other devas who saw this burst into laughter and Brahma was greatly embarrassed. Infuriated, he cursed them banishing them to earth where they could purify their minds and acquire knowledge and wisdom.

Narada had consoled devas and advised them to do penance at the place where his valkalam (garment made ill bark of a tree) fell. And the place where it landed is now called `varkala` a collouqial form of valkalam. Devas built a temple there dedicated to Lord Krishna. This was however destroyed by sea erosion.

.:: Track List ::..

01. Dashavtaar
02. Purush Suktam
03. Narayan kavacham
04. Purvanyasa Dhyanam
05. Nirankar Narayan
06. Shanta Kaaram
07. Vishnu Vandana
08. Shantakaram Bhujagashayanam
09. Achyutashtakam
10. Phalashruti
11. Sankashtanashanam Vishnu Stotram
12. Jagannathashshtakam
13. Vishnusahastranaam
14. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu
15. Deen bandhu Kripa Sindhu
16. Shree Narayan
17. Hey Narayan Namostutey
18. Jayadev Krit Shritkamala
19. Om Namo Narayanay
20. Om Jai Jagdish Hare

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