Nov 5, 2010

Golden Melodies -NARTHANASALA -Janani SivaKamini

Cast: NTR, Savitri,Shobanbabu,Satyanarayana
Direction : NTR
Music : Raju T V
Year :1966

 NTR shows his versatility yet again - this time as Bruhannala (as a eunuch). SV Ranga Rao excelled in such a negative role as Keechaka. Savitri looks her best and performs beyond compare. Storyline is from the classic 'Virataparvam'. But all the Pandavas approach Virta rajah with very similar story and need to stay for 1 year and yet does not cause any recognition on anyones part. Quite dismaying, almost incredulous. Granted it is a story from the past, the least they could do is come up with more plausible dialogs to express it. I never found the need for Savitri to say that she is married to 5 Gandharvas - isn't that a dead give away. Why does Bheema have to say he used to cook in Hastinapuram. But I will give excellent points for the cast. Relangi provides endless humor - as usual. Vijayalakshmi as Uttara was beautiful - all her dances show her true skill.

  • Priyuraala Siggelane : Download

  • Swaagatham Suswaagatham : Download

  • Rukmini Kalyaanam : Download

  • Preethi Narthula : Download

  • Maththu Vadhalaraa : Download

  • Nallani Vadaena : Download

  • Jayaho Vijayaho : Download

  • Chaangure Bangaaru : Download

  • Jaraasandha Vadha : Download

  • Bhalaa Bhali Naa : Download

  • All Songs In Single File : Download

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