Nov 5, 2010

Airtel DTH offers More Channels to valuable customers

Airtel Express thmselves as Airtel digital TV- the DTH service from Bharti Airtel announced that it now has 12 different channels with voice feeds in multiple languages, on its platform. With this, Airtel digital TV customers can choose to have voice feeds in languages other than the only default option, available to other customers on other distribution platforms. Thus apart from enjoying one of the most comprehensive regional channel bouquets on Airtel digital TV, customers also get to see top of the line channels in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu.

The 12 channels with multiple voice feeds on Airtel digital TV are Cartoon Network, Pogo, Hungama, Disney XD, Disney Channel, Discovery, Fox History, What’s on Airtel-HELP Channel, Nick India, NGC Animal Planet and TLC. This makes Airtel digital TV the only DTH player in India to offer the largest number of channels with as many multiple regional language voice feeds, at no additional cost for its customers.

According to Mr. Sugato Banerji, Chief Marketing Officer, DTH Services Bharti Airtel said, “Content has always been central to Airtel digital TV’s endeavours. One of the key reasons for a growing proportion of our customers coming from outside the Top 300 towns is the preference and availability of regional content. With familiarity to more than one language being lesser outside these top 300 towns, availability of entertainment in a language of choice is a key customer need that is spurring the uptake of DTH as a category. Our consumer research has shown that content itself is the key driver of viewer choice.

Whether small or big town, the viewer is still keen to watch high quality relevant content available in niche genres like Kids, Lifestyle, Infotainment, which is why we have been focusing on getting the language feeds on these genres activated as soon as they are available.”

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