Nov 4, 2010

Anushka sweety memories - Happy Diwali - Greetings

Anushka (Rare and beautiful hot actress)
Anushka has became a very popular actress in both tamil and telugu languages. Recently she shared her memories like this..
“The fondest memories of Diwali I have are the ones spent in childhood. I can’t remember one particular instance as such, but overall we used to have a blast bursting loads of crackers. However, that is something I don’t do nowadays. As it is bangalore. On top of that if people burst loud crackers, then it won’t take long to turn us all deaf. So for the past few years I’ve restricted my Diwali celebrations to lighting sparklers and loads of diyas. Also, I love the sweets making with milk, around during this time. You just can’t afford to miss them. I like all the audience who admire me thanks a lot and watch all my movies and your comments
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are necessary to give my best performance in every movie.. so keep commenting. I like blogs i do visit their comments , what the people are gossipping about me.. ”

" Happy Diwali and sweet lightning memories" 

Take care while you are cracking .. bye..

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