Dec 16, 2008

Download - Dasavataram -HQ DVD

Dasavatharam is the best Indian movie I ever scene. Movie becomes special and extraordinary because of KamalHassan gaaru. More over nobody else can think of acting in the ten different roles with accurate voice modulation, dialogue delivery and exact body language for each and every role. Anyone can get an expensive make-up, but to impose the exact body language, voice modulation and dialogue delivery can be done only by Dr. KamalHassan. He is so much dedicated towards what he does. He loves perfection in what all he does. There he stands unique when compared to others in the Indian cinema industry. He has done the story, screenplay and dialogue by himself for the whole movie. Working on the screen play is the toughest part in a movie with 10 different roles. We can never even imagine how much hard work he has put to build this movie.
Kamal has performed thrilling fights which has not done with the help of computer graphics. All the stunt sequence in the movie is original and manual. Can we ever see any Indian actor at his age can dare to do this? Never… Only Kamal can... Make up for the old-women character took more than eight hours and George bush around 6 hours everyday and same with other characters also. He has to sit for hours after hours to get done with one make-up without shaking his face and body. There are many scenes where many roles come in the same frame; we can’t even imagine how he has done those scenes as we already know each make-up takes hours to do.
One man doing 10 different roles and writing the script and doing screenplay of his own is the first in the history of world cinema. Kamal has deserved that he is the best. In certain roles like old lady, Chinese man we couldn’t even guess that it is Kamal. While seeing the movie it is very well understood KamalHassan’s dedication towards his profession. Sorry not profession, acting is KamalHassan’s breath. He is born with lots of inbuilt talent.
KamalHassan is a make-up lover, he loves to experiment on get-ups in his movies, we can see that love, in his past movies like Indian, Avai Shanmugi ect. Which Indian actor has desires, talents and daring to do differences in each and every movie, that appreciations goes only to KamalHassan. It is possible only for an actor like him to dare such attempt to show difference and extraordinary talent in each and every movie. He has worked really hard and he has gone through lots of pain and stress both mentally and physically to bring this movie a great success. I am sure that he wouldn’t have slept from the day one till the last day of the making of movie. It is sure that Dasavatharam will set the benchmark for other Indian movies.
Now coming to the review and comments of the movie…
Ordinary group of people who loves movie with family attachment, one duet song, hero based bull shit dialogues are not happy with the movie, many have not understood the story line and blindly had given bad comments like the roles in the movie are not necessary.
Some group of people even comment on the make-up of old women and George bush stating that make-up is not up to the mark, I feel really sorry for those people because they don’t know that the make-up man is Michael Westmore, who transformed Jim Carrey into The Mask, and he is one of the nominee for Oscar awards for his past movies in Hollywood. These comments do not affect KamalHassan and his faith towards him. I request them to see the movie again try to understand it.
Putting all these aside.
Coming to the people’s comments who are in the cinema industry:
The great super star has stunned with Kamal’s performance in the movie and he has stumbled with no words when the media has asked him about the movie in the preview show. He finally ended up saying exclamatory words in his own style, “Excellent, Mind boggling, Simply Superb, Kamal rocked’.
Dr Kalainar Karunanithi says after seeing the movie “kamal - You have proved yourself as the Maestro in acting! “
KamalHassan has proved again that he is a complete actor with dedication, talent, passion and commitment towards the cinema industry.

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