Dec 12, 2008

Top 65 Facts and figures - SuperStar Krishna

On May 31st 2007, Superstar Krishna celebrated his 65th birthday. A prolific risk taker, his derring-dos have played an instrumental role in enabling the industry take a giant leap forward.

All Krishna fans extend birthday wishes to the Real Hero and proudly presents 65 hitherto unknown facts about him to co-fans and movie buffs world over.
Unbeatable records

1. Superstar Krishna created a commotion in Visakhapatnam in 1983 when 8 of his movies had a minimum run of 58 days (8 weeks) at the box-office. Considered from a 13-month period (December 82 to December 17, 1983), this number becomes 10. The following are the details of this existing record for color films.

S.No. Release Date Movie Name Theater No. of Days
1 25-2-1983 Mundhadugu Sangeeth a/c 138
2 17-3-1983 Kirayi Kotigadu Kamal 92
3 28-4-1983 Adavi Simhaalu Sarath a/c 64
4 28-6-1983 Amaayakudu Kaadhu Asadhyudu Rajeswari 65
5 30-6-1983 Ramarajyamloo Bheemarju Saraswathi 58
6 02-9-1983 Sakthi Srikanya a/c 100
7 29-9-1983 Prajarajyam Rajeswari 78
8 9-12-1983 Pooraatam Srikanya a/c 58
9 3-12-1982 Kalavaari Samsaaram Chitralaya 69
10 17-12-1982 Eenadu Sangam a/c 77

2. Superstar Krishna is the only hero in the history of Telugu color cinema to have 5 direct 100’s, a silver jubilee film and 4 straight 50 days films in a calendar year (1983) in Vijayawada. The details are as follows

S.No. Release Date Movie Name Theater No. of Days
1 25-2-1983 Mundhadugu Alankar 175
2 17-3-1983 Kirayi Kotigadu Raj 70mm 105
3 28-4-1983 Adavi Simhaalu Apsara 100
4 01-6-1983 Siripuram Monagadu Jai Hindh 63
5 28-7-1983 Ramarajyamloo Bheemaraju Durga Kala Mandhir 78
6 30-6-1983 Amayakudu Kaadhu Asadhyudu Raj 70mm 65
7 02-9-1983 Sakthi Apsara 105
8 29-9-1983 Prajarajyam Jai Hindh 105
9 09/12/1983 Pooratam Rama 100

3. Note: Adavi Simhaalu got only one screening (morning show) on its 100th day.Superstar is the only hero in Telugu film history to have a 50 day run movie at 23 theaters in Vizag. No other hero can break this record since some of the theaters are out of business now.
4. Natasekhar Krishna’s last super hit film Amma Donga, shares the city record for maximum days house fulls (62) in a non-a/c theater-Vinodha- in Vijayawada.
5. With its 177 days run, Superstar’s ASR created a new run record for Sangam Theater, Hyderabad, in 1974. This is the best run yet for any movie in this theater.
6. Superstar Krishna holds the record for maximum number of color films that ran for direct 50 days in a single center---Vijayawada-- in A.P.

Existing records:

7. Superstar Krishna is the only hero in the field to have two movies with more than 50 days run at their shift theaters in Vizag after completing their 100 days run in their main theaters. Pandanti Kapuram ran for 53 days at SriKrishna after running for 126 days at Chitralaya. Alluri Sitha Rama Raju, which completed its 100 days in Sangeeth a/c, had an additional 77 days (consecutive) run at Poorna. This is still a record for a Shift Theater run in Vizag.
8. Superstar’s Simhaasanam still holds the Vizag city record by becoming the first and only film to run for 100 days at its main theater Chitralaya after debuting in 7 theaters in the city-1. Chitralaya 2. Rajeswari 3. Sukanya (Gopalapatnam) 4.Santhi (Pendurthi) 5.Lakshmikanth (Gajuwaka) 6. Sri Surya and 7. Aruna (Pedagantyada).
9. By running for 130 days (regular and noon shows) at Ganapathy theater in Nidadhavoolu, West Godavari district, Superstar’s Kirayikotigadu holds the record for a late release movie there.
10. Superstar is the only hero in the history of Telugu cinema to have at least one movie in the lead role every year for 37 consecutive years i.e. from 1965-2002.
11. Natasekhara Krishna also has the record for starring in most number of color films and multi-starrers in Telugu.
12. He is the first hero to act in 18 movies in a calendar year (1972).
13. Superstar Krishna’s Mugguru Kodukulu created an all time town record in Anakapally by running with houseful crowds for 42 days at Sankara Theater. It still holds the record in this B center.
14. Superstar Krishna is the only hero in the history of Tollywood to have a direct 126 days run at the same theater before and after it got equipped with a/ Vizag-Daspalla Chitralaya-Pandanti Kapuram and Chitralaya- Simhaasanam.
15. Sampradhayam still holds the theater record at Sangeeth a/c Vizag for maximum days house-fulls full 38 days (3 shows) and 10 days (four shows).

Many firsts

16. Superstar’s Simhaasanam is the first movie ever to run for 100 days in 5 70mm theaters in the state

S.No. Center Theater No. of Days
1 Hyderabad Devi 70mm a/c 105
2 Vijayawada Raj 70mm a/c 119
3 Guntur Pallavi deluxe 70mm 100
4 Vizag Chitralaya 70mm a/c 126
5 Kakinada Devi 70mm a/c 105

17. Superstar’s Alluri Seetha Rama Raju is the first Telugu movie to run for 100 days in an air-conditioned (a/c) theater in each of the three main territories-Nizam, Ceded and Andhra.

S.No. Center Theater No. of Days
1 Nizam - Hyderabad Sangam A/C 177
2 Ceeded - Kurnool Anand A/C 100
3 Andhra - Visakhapatnam Sangeeth A/C 100

18. Superstar Krishna is the first hero to have a direct 100 days film in two theaters in Vijayawada---Pandanti Kapuram---Urvasi 70mm and Kirayi Kotigadu----Raj70mm.
19. Alluri Seetha Rama Raju also has the distinction of being the first movie on a title role to run for 100 days in 5 centers in Nizam area in its first release.

S.No. Center Theater
1 Hyderabad Sangam
2 Warangal Saroj
3 Khammam Raghava
4 Nizamabad Vijay
5 Secunderabad Anjali

20. ASR is the first Eastman color movie to run for 100 days in its repeat run (shifts). Center--Hyderabad----Year 1978.
21. Superstar’s comeback film Padipantalu entered the record books by becoming the first film to run for 100 days at the then prestigious Sudharshan a/c in Hyderabad.
22. Simhasanam is the first movie to run for 100 days with 4 shows at Devi 70 mm, Hyderabad-the colosseum of A.P.
23. SS’s Simhasanam created an all time record at Chitralaya, Vizag, in 1986 by becoming the first film to run with houseful collections for 64 days (D.C.R. report for 2 p.m. 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. shows). It is still a state record for a folklore film.
24. Superstar’s Adavi Simhaalu and Sakthi are the first 50 days and 100 days movies at the prestigious Nartaki 70mm, Nellore. With his Sakthi, he became the first hero to have a direct 100 days in a 70mm theater in town.
25. Archana 70mm, another huge theater in Nellore, opened with Superstar’s Simhasanam (March, 1986) and it is the first 50 (68 days run) days movie there. Its run record lasted till June 1990.
26. Superstar’s successful film Amayakudu Kaadhu Asadhyudu (1983) is the first film to gross one lakh rupees in a single theater--Raj 70mm a/c-, in Vijayawada in its first week itself.
27. Superstar’s Vajrayudham (1985) is the first movie ever to collect a gross of Rs 7 lakhs within 50 days in a single theater- Nartaki 70mm a/c, Nellore- in A.P.
28. Superstar Krishna’s Thenemanasulu is the first movie with all new talent to run for 100 days direct in three centers- Vijayawada (Alankar), Guntur (Lakshmi) and Tirupathy (Prathap).
29. Superstar Krishna’s Devudicchina Koduku is the first movie ever to have 7 screenings on its first day at its main theater in Vizag.
30. Superstar’s Kirayikotigadu is the first 100 days film in Raj70mm a/c Vijayawada.
31. Superstar’s Krishnarjunulu, his multi-starrer with NSB, is the first direct 50 days movie (78 days) at Yuvaraj a/c, Vijayawada. It is also the first movie to be shown at Pallavi Deluxe, Guntur.

Craze for him: Generally, openings, special morning shows and the number of theaters in which a movie debuts are used to determine the craze for a hero. Here are some of the facts to illustrate the craze that SS had when he was at his prime.

32. Natasekhar Krishna’s Mukyamanthri, a remake of Amithab Bacchan’s super hit film Inquilaab, created a new opening week record by collecting a gross of Rs 52, 13,169.
33. Kanchukagada, Superstar’s (sympathetic) film on the proletariat revolutions, created a new opening week record by collecting Rs 82, 79,543/-in it’s first week.
34. Superstar’s Number 1 has the distinction of being the first movie to run with housefuls at two theaters-Leelamahal a/c and Poorna-for 14 days in Vizag.
35. Iddharu Asadhyule-Superstar’s follow up film on Sarathi Studios banner to his super hit Annadhammula Sawal -is the first movie to debut in two theaters in the same complex in Vizag-Geeth and Sangeeth. It was shown for 7 days in both the theaters.
36. Kanchukagada is also the first film to get 5 screenings on its first day in four theaters at Hyderabad- 1. Kishore a/c (main theater) 2. Konark 70mm (DilShukh Nagar) 3.Sha (HMT road) 4. Geeth a/c (Ramachandhrapuram).
37. Simhasanam is the first movie to get 5 special screenings on its first day in Hyderabad- Devi 70mm, Secundrabad- Amba 70mm, Dilshukhnagar-Konark, Chilakalaguda-Sridevi, and Malkajgiri-Raghavendra. It held this record for 18 years-Mahesh’s Arjun broke this record by having 8 special morning shows in the city.
38. Superstar Krishna’s Brahmaasthram is the first movie to debut in three theaters in Anakapally-Gopala Krishna, Ramachandhra, and Bavaani.
39. Superstar Krishna’s Utthama Illaalu is the first movie to debut in three theaters in Vizag. They are 1. Jagadamba 2. Navrang and 3. Manorama.
40. Superstar’s Simhaasanam is the first film to gross more than one crore Rupees-Rs 1, 51, 65,291/- . It is also the first film to open in more than 150 theaters (153) in A.P.
41. Krishna’s super hit film Kumaraja set a new record in 1978, when it ran for 29 days with 4 shows at Alankar Vizag-18 days all shows full. It took another 12 years for some other movie to cross this record.
42. His Mukyamanthri is the first film in the entire state to get 48 screenings in one week in a single theater in its-Nartaki, Nellore.

Character and Integrity: Though integral part of the rat race, Superstar always played it fair and straight at the box-office. Had he cared (for the records), his CV would have been even more impressive. Here are some instances to reiterate his belief in the meritocracy.

43. Three of his movies- 1.Adavi Simhaalu-Rama 2. Siripuram Monagadu-Venkateswara and 3.Ramarajyamloo Bheemaraju – Vijayalakshmi-released in one year (1983) were taken out of their main theaters on their 49th day in ELURU.
44. The record for the closest mark with which a movie missed its direct silver jubilee run in any center in A.P. is with Superstar’s sensational hit film Pandanti Kapuram, when it was taken out of Sudarshan, Hyderabad, on its 174th day.
45. Superstar’s Mayadari Malligadu (1973) was also a victim of the prevailing distribution politics as its distributors Annapoorna pictures forcefully terminated it from 16 centers on its 49th day to accommodate ANR’s Marapuranimanishi.
46. The run of Iddharu Dongalu-- his last hit film with his good friend and core-competitor NSB--- was killed in 13 centers, as it was terminated either on its 48th or 49th day.
47. Three of his movies were removed from their main theaters in Hyderabad on their 48th day in a single calendar year (1981). They are 1. Gurushishyulu—Prabhath 35mm-48 days. 2. Bhoogimantalu—Sangam a/c—48 days. and 3. Antham Kaadhidhi Arambham—Sudarshan 70—48 days. Had they reached their milestone, SS would have created a city record for the most number of 50 days films for that particular year. Similarly, he would have held the city record (right now he shares the record with NTR as each have three direct 50’s) in 1978 too had they allowed his Dongala Veta (48 days run) to complete its 50 days run at its main theater Sudarshan 70.
48. Had his Thenemanasulu (new) not been terminated on its 49th day from Deepak a/c, Hyderabad, he would have been the only hero to have atleast one movie that ran for 50 days direct at their main theaters in Hyderabad. Similarly, had his Makutamleeni Maharaju (48 days) at Swami a/c) and Indrabhavanam (49 days at Syamala a/c) been allowed to run for an extra day or two, he would have been the only hero to have atleast one movie that ran for 50 days at their main theaters in Rajamundry between the years 1965 and 1991.

As a producer:

49. Superstar Krishna also holds the record for being the only star in entire India to produce more than 50 movies in several languages. While most of the movies were made in Telugu on his flagship banner-Padmalaya studios, Krishna also produced some on VijayaKrishna movies (Devadasu, Sahasamee Naa Voopiri, and Hema Heemeelu etc), MadhaviPadmalaya (Kurukshethram), Ratnamovies (Prajarajyam) and others. He is the only hero yet to have a self-produced movie that had a minimum run of 100 days in at least 16 theaters in three consecutive years- a. Pacchani Kapuram- 17 centers-1972 b. Devudu Cheesina Manushulu -28 centers-1973 c. ASR-17 centers-1974.

As a director

50. Superstar also was a successful director. Between 1986 (Simhasanam) and 2002 (Pandanti Samsaram), he directed 13 movies in Telugu, which include several super hits like Simhasanam, Koduku Diddhina Kapuram (3 direct 100’s), Mugguru Kodukulu (2 direct 100’s) and several other successful ones like Kaliyuga Karnudu, Naagasthram etc.

Other achievements:

51. Superstar Krishna is the only hero to have three direct 50 days movies in Bheemavaram in 1993-a. Pacchani Samsaram-Venkatram-61days b. Varasudu-Satyanarayana-100days and c. Rowdy Annaiah – Govardhan-50 days.
52. Superstar Krishna’s agrarian backdrop film Bangaaru Bhoomi (14-1-1982) entered the record books as the highest running film for the year 1982 in Kakinada. It had a 112 days run (53 days housefuls) at Sri Devi theater and a total run of 142 days in the city.
53. By collecting Rs 1, 60,000 in its 35days run at Urvasi 70mm, Vijayawada, Superstar’s Mosagallaki Mosagadu set a new record for Telugu films in the city.
54. Superstar Krishna is the only hero to have 4 movies that ran for at least 50 days at their main theaters in Guntur city in 1985—a. Agniparvatham-Krishna Picture Palace (56 days) b. Palanati Simham—Gouri Shankar (50 days) c. Vajrayudham—Bhaskar Deluxe (76 days) and d. Pacchani Kapuram—Pallavi Deluxe (56 days).
55. SS is the only hero to have two direct 100 days movies in 1983- 1. Mundhadugu--Madhav and Sakthi-Nartaki- in Nellore.
56. His off beat Sakshi is the first Telugu movie to be shown at Moscow film festival.
57. Pandanti Kapuram (1972), his first major success on Padmalaya, is one of the rare Telugu films to win the President’s Gold medal under the best regional film category.
58. ASR won the Golden Nandi Award from the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1974.
59. Superstar’s Savasagallu is the only color film to run for 50 days (58 days) in Prabhath 35 mm, Hyderabad.
60. Mosagallaki Mosagadu is the first (and perhaps the only) Telugu movie to be shown in 56 countries.
61. Sithara, the largest circulated film weekly in the state, awarded him with the best actor statute for his riveting performance in Antham Kaadhidhi Aaarambham.
62. Superstar also has another unique record. He is the only hero who has two direct 50 days movies in Vijayawada on the same title. Krishna’s Pacchani Kapuram (old) ran for 56 days at. The other film with the same title was released in 1993 and ran for 69 days in Yuvaraj a/c.
63. Though 33 years have passed, his Pandanti Kapuram's 70 days run record in Paradise theater, Secundrabad, is yet to be crossed by any other movie.
64. Super Star Krishna is the only Super Star of Telugu Film industry.
65. Super Star Krishna's son Mahesh Babu has been anointed as the next Super Star of Telugu Film industry.

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