Jan 7, 2013

Bipasha Basu More Care Free on Her Birthday- JAN-7

What are your thoughts as you turn a year older?

My thoughts are quite strange... All my friends say I am like a high school girl. When I was actually in high school, I used to have a lot of responsibilities and was working 24X7. Today, I am more carefree than I was earlier.

How are you celebrating your birthday?

Birthdays have always been special to me. I thought my interest will wane over the years but no, I still love surprises and gifts. Age is not a factor for me. I am one of those people who want to live till they are 100. Life is a celebration. This time I will be in Goa with a lot of friends and my family, which will be fun.

Any plans for the year ahead?

I have several interesting films like Aatma and another one with Vikram (Bhatt) coming up. All my forthcoming films will see me in central roles and I will be involved in the marketing and post-production. I will also be investing a lot more in the business of fitness. I am planning to set up a fitness studio.

Which would you say has been your best film till date?

It has to be Raaz 3. It was my toughest role. I am not a dark person, so playing evil was harrowing. It was emotionally draining. I am a fun-loving, talkative person but during the shoot of this film I used to be reserved and lost in my thoughts. It really disturbed me. Nobody wants to dabble in black magic (on screen) because they are concerned about their image but I took it up as a challenge.

What have been your high and low points?

There have been many high points but the lowest came when I got swine flu. I realised that health is the most important thing. Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. I cried for three days and after that went for alternative therapy. I did weight training and today when people say I am fit, I feel proud.

What prompted you to launch a dance DVD?

Everybody loves to dance. I thought that would be the best way to make lazy people active because most of them don’t like the gym routine.

What about marriage? When will we see you tying the knot?

Marriage is definitely on my mind as I believe in the institution. It is for keeps and comes with a lot of responsibilities. Besides attraction, it is important to be friends with the person who is your soul mate. He should be able to accept a woman who is strong and be proud of the things she does.

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