Jan 1, 2013

Best Funny Tweets -2012- Must Read

* @rameshsrivats: By spending Rs 35 lakhs on renovating two toilets. India has made it clear that it is an emerging susuperpower | RAMESH SRIVATS

* Diwali Fireworks — 1000wala: Makes noise for 2 minutes. 5000wala: 10 minutes. 10000wala: 20 minutes. Kejriwala: 2 hours, every week | RAMESH SRIVATS

* @ GabbbarSingh: Think of a bus, whr every seat has a steering wheel & the bus moves in the direction of the sum of all the vectors.That Bus = Our Parliament | GABBAR SINGH

* Now Facebook gives you three options after you post a comment - 1. Edit 2. Delete and 3. File Anticipatory bail | GABBAR SINGH

* @SatanBhagat: Korn cancelled Mumbai gig because of rains. Typical Kharif crop | UTSAV CHAKRABORTY

* 9@MrMrRajneesh: I doubt Barfi will win the coveted Oscar statuette, but the Academy may give the team a photocopy of the statuette | RAJNEESH KAPOOR

* @hankypanty: One Sushil Kumar plunges the country into darkness. The other lights it up with a Silver. No Golds for guessing which one is in politics | SAURABH PANT

* @doctoratlarge: In the movie Lagaan, India beat England because of one bowler 'Kachara' - and here all our bowlers were kachara and still we couldn't win | THE BAD DOCTOR

* @daddy_san: Harbhajan Singh as MI captain makes sense. When he lifted Nita Ambani he showed he was capable of upping the aunty when required | OCULUS

*Sheila Dikshit blames migrants for Delhi's problems. Dikshit was born in Punjab. Dikshit is right | OCULUS

* Mary Kom apologizes for not winning gold. A billion Indians yet to apologize for not knowing where Manipur is | OCULUS

* @Rofl indian: SRK, the alpha male in Bollywood punched Shirish, the Gama Pahalwan. In physics, you call it Alpha Beta Gamma. Delta blow | ROFL INDIAN

(Compiled by Kim Arora-)

source -times of india

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