May 24, 2010

Great lyricist-Veturi Sundarammoorthy garu-Still in our hearts

Veturi Sundararamamoorthy garu has passed away on 23-05-2010 with a bleeding in lungs at Care Hospital. A great lyricist, Telugu people are really blessed with such a great person and with such a great lyrics in each and every song. It' s no exaggeration that, he is equal to great Annamayya or annamacharya and great poet Kavi Kalidasu. May it comes to romance, sensibility, sentiment, happiness and what not every genre of song he has written with absolute perfection with SOUND telugu words. He who wrote " Raalipoye Puvva neeku ragaalendhuke ..." in Matrudevobhava (the last movie of actress Madhavi acted with Nager) which got him the prestigious National Award but he rejected, as Telugu language was not been recognized as ancient language, now recently Central Government opened their valuable eyes and make given ancient language honour. Geethanjali is the one of the best example of his works and there are so many songs nobody could never forget in their life time . but Veturi garu "Telugu Basha vunnantha varaku, telugu velugu vunnanta varaku, maastaru Sundaramamoorthy garini Evvaru Marichipoleru .. ". Gsv Films pays a great tribute to this legend.

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