Apr 23, 2010

Harbhajan singh lifting Nita ambani-SCANDAL-IPL MATCH

Nita ambani is so active and she will appreciate the IPL team the below given video is her great appreciation to mumbai indians in IPL MATCH. JUST WATCH...
The Indian Premier League is known to have big names associated with it, from bollywood stars like Shilpa Shetty to Business we at IPL Tracker have decided to put into thTycoons like Vijay Mallya.
But this woman, who e limelight, is neither a sensational actress nor a high profile glamorous personality. With every match played by Mumbai Indians – there she is with a bright smile on her lips and the spirit of victory on her face. We are talking about none other than Nita Ambani. Wife of Mukesh Ambani, she has not only sphere headed various business projects, but is also a humble women who is the chairperson of Dhirubai Ambani International

After becoming the co-owner of Mumbai Indians, she has played quite wisely in owning, maintaining and getting the players up and on the pitch. After bagging the most successful players together in one team, Mrs Ambani has been playing it safe and smart while retaining all the talent in her deep-pocketed team. With her team being captained by Sachin Tendulkar followed by some very talented players, Mumbai Indians is counted amongst one of the most successful teams in IPL and with the Ambani brand attached to it.

Not to mention her most talked about achievement in the IPL was when she bagged the costliest player Kieron Pollard. Nita Ambani is one helluva (yes, we said it!) confident women who knows how to play a game off field. Besides IPL, she is known

She laughs on being questioned about this new interest in cricket and she replies with a surprising response of not really knowing anything about the game before becoming the part of it! And now, the Ambani lady is simply so passionate and into the game that we at IPL Tracker are considering hiring her at the end of this month. No doubt we are so proud to have such confident and talented woman in our country. Way to go Mrs. Ambani! And do send us your resume before the deadline.
Watch how the Nita Ambani is Enjoying Success Moments

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