Apr 25, 2010

Ayesha Takia Nargarjuna -super hot video song

"The narration mode is very interesting in SUPER Movie. Ayesha takia is from bollywood she is so plumpy looks so hot in the entire movie as a doctor and gives her extra energy to this movie.. The viewers mind will haunt for the next scene even while the present scene is going on. The screenplay is very new and gives complete entertainment from start to end to the audience!!" "

"My character is very flexible in SUPER. My character’s name is Ramesh and fondly called as ‘Rummy’ by everyone. He plays the card game but the story is certainly not on that backdrop. He chooses the method of swindling people to earn money while travelling from Guntur to Goa via Hyderabad. He is a very lively man who attracts everyone with his charm and speech. This role of mine is sure to entertain the audience in theaters!!!"

"I like anyone who has passion for the work they do and I found that quality in Ayesha takia. She is sincere, calm, has good dress-sense and maintains good health. Apart from these she is also a good performer and a good singer too. Having these many good qualities definitely makes Mamtha special!!!

"Chaitanya has just begun his career and there is a long way to go. He has to try his hand on films of all genres, only then he will be able to evaluate all kind properly before he can shape his future. Right now his focus is on to create an image of his own. rather than just being known as my son alone!!!"

"Although Mamtha is the heroine her role is not confined to songs and few scenes. She has got a challenging role and she did it with great ease!!"

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