Nov 15, 2009

Dr-Rajkumar Blockbuster movie Gandhada Gudi 1973

Gandhada Gudi (ಗಂಧದ ಗುಡಿ) 1973
Dr-Rajkumar Blockbuster movie Gandhada Gudi  movie in kannada . Great super hit movie succesfully ran upto 1 year with houseful collections in bangalore. the movie is based on the forest officer with forest background with most popular hit songs..
Download this movie.. Movie Name: Gandhada Gudi [Rajkumar's 150th Movie!]
Release Year: 1973
Cast: Dr. Raj, Vishnuvardhan, Kalpana, Balakrishna, Narasimharaju, M.P.Shankar
Review: Amazing, Extraordinary, BombaaT movie.
Region: Kannada
Banner: Bharani Chitra
Music: Rajan-Nagendra
Genre: action
Direction: Vijay
Producer: MP Shankar
I'm sure almost everyone of you have seen it, but would like to see it again, and again. One of the several evergreen movies of aNNaavru, we can easily say.

Dr.Raj, in the name of Kumar, comes to rescue of wild animals as a forest Range officer. The blend of Wild life saahasa mixed with family sentiments take you through the movie with an outstanding music and songs! Pleasure to ears and eyes!! Believe me. Then comes, one of the finest climax of all time in Kannada cinema. Again, it is the entire forest combined with family sentiments (Brothers and mother) having chamaks with the villain played superbly by our beloved baalaNNa (Balakrishna). The duo of brothers made this movie sooooo special.

Highlight of the movie: Probably one of the most significant highlights in the history of Kannada cinema.....the combination of Dr. Rajkumar with Vishnuvardhan. This is the one and only movie where these two legendry actors of Kannada cinema have acted together.

Next highlight is the KheDDa scene: Excellent direction with some terrific piece of camera work, with employing soooo many elephants. Must watch....and is unique work so far Kannada films.

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