Aug 21, 2009

Savitri Great Actress of south india

Maha Nati Savitri birth anniversary today.Kommareddy Savitri was born on 6th December, 1936, in Chirravur village, Guntur District.Nissankaram Guravaiah and Subadramma were here parents. She lost her father at her age of six. She was studied up to school final in those days. She was married to a Tamil Hero Gemini Ganesan in 1956. She has daughter, Vijaya Chamundeswari and a son Satish. She has learned music and classical dance with Sista Purnayya Sastri.As a child she has given performances on stage in Vijayawada.She was also acted in the famous play of Athmavanchana by Buchibabu.She was left for her heavenly abode on 26th, December, 1981.

She was choosen as hero-ine for the picture “Samsaram”.The legendary Heroes NTR and ANR have acted in it together. She got a chance as a hero-ine for ANR in this film but her fate has come in the form of Director L.V.Prasad.L.V.prasad rejected her as she would not fit for hero-ine.At last she did in this film in a small character as one of the hero-ines friends. She was seen as a small dancer in the film ‘Pathala Bhairavi”, in 1951.She got a Hero-ine chance in the film “Devadasu” by a financier recommendation. She has proved herself in film by performing the character well. This hit film turned her life. After that her performance in the old classical of “Missamma”.Actually she was replaced by Bhanumathi in this film. The picture Thodikodallu and Mayabazar brought her fame and name and got a place in the hearts of Telugu audience.

She has given number of hits on her credit with both the legends NTR and ANR.People used to call ANR AND Savitri combination as ‘Hit Pair”. Her films with ANR were Devadasu,Mayabazar,Santhanam,Abhimanam,Namminabantu,Shanthinivasam,Sirisampadalu,Aradhana,Manchimanushulu,Moogamanasulu,Poojaphalam,Navarathri,Sumanghali,Manase Mandiram,Pranamithrulu and other films made them as Hit pair. Her film with NTR were Kanyasulkam,Bhale Ramudu,Vinayaka Chavithi,Intiguttu,Sri venkateswara Mahatyam,Deepavali,Pandavavanavasam,Kalisivuntkaladusukham,Atmabhandhuvu,Rakthasambhandam,Narthanasala,Devatha,Srikrishna Pandaveeyam,Vichitra dampatyam and others made hits. She did in Tamil films also. Most of Tamil films she did with Gemini Ganesan, her husband. She did in Hindi films like Bahuth Din Huye, Ghar Basake Dekho, Ganga Ki Lahare and others. Her last appearance was the film “Andarikante Ghanudu” in 1985.

Savitri was a second Lady Director in Tollywood.She has directed films like Chinnari Papalu, Matrudevatha, Chiranjeevi, and Vintha Samsaram.

She was conferred by a rare title of Nadigeyar Thilakam (Great Actress).

She succumbed to the failed marriage. In her last stages her life was miserable. She was addicted to liquor. She has dropped into coma one day in the liquor intoxication. Her life was ended in a pittibla situation.

Let us salute to the great actress for her great works, she contributed to Telugu cinema on the occasion of her birth anniversary.

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