Aug 21, 2009

Mallanna-Kandhasamy- movie review

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Kandhasamy is a commercial Masala movie but comes with the Midas touch of master craftsmen like Susi Ganesan and Vikram. Also the film has been released at the right season when the audiences are tired of a series of crap movies. The Vikram-Thanu-Susi Ganesan combination is to become the biggest winner of this season with a perfect, hi-styled commercial film with an evergreen theme i.e., the emergence of superhero against the corruption in the system!

At the same Time, we are sure that the film is not an usual superhero movie. Undoubtedly it is one of the finest imaginations of a creator like Susi Ganesan with the help of a good producer like Thanu. Really Thanu deserves this victory, as a producer who is passionate about Tamil cinema.

Buzz up!
The film opens with scenes which show the poor people praying at a Murugan Temple at the outskirts of Chennai. They simply send their prayers to Kandhasamy, another Tamil name of Lord Muruga in the temple through a letter and tie it to a tree (known as petition tree) in front of the temple. After few minutes, our Kandhasamy (also the name of our hero Vikram) collects the letters and helps them according to their needs. Mostly people request financial help from God!

After a few incidents Kandasamy becomes the local god for the prople. His Robinhood style of helping the poor soon catches the attention of the police. The local DIG of Police (Prabhu) suspects that there is something unnatural about it and starts his investigations. Meanwhile, our hero has the other face as a strict, powerful and intelligent CBI officer Kandhasamy! He is on a mission to find out black money and illegal wealth of the rich and corrupt Indians stashed in foreign banks, which he believes is responsible for all the crime in our society.

Soon he clashes with Pallur Paramajyoti Ponnusamy (Ashish Vidyarti), the man with a golden tooth and greedy heart. Kandhasamy conducts a raid in his palatial bungalow and finds unaccounted cash and documents of various foreign deals including his Mexican connections worth over Rs 1000 crore!

Ashish Vidyarthy is devastated after the raid and his only daughter Subbalakshmi (Shreya Saran) swears revenge and pretends to fall in love with Kandhasamy. At a stage it gets exposed that both the Kandhasamys are the same. But a senior official in the CBI protects Kandhasamy in this critical situation. What makes Kandhasamy to do all these Robinhood activities? Why does this senior officer protects him? Will the DIG succeed in proving that Kandhasamy is no God? For all these answers see the movie!

Though the story is looks like a mixture of Anniyan and Sivaji - The Boss [^], Susi Ganesan succeeds in providing a 3.15 minutes roller coaster entertaiment with all the needy ingredients without any questions even in some illogical moments. The introduction scene of the hero is outstanding. The Mexican portion is stunning. And technically this film is another milestone in Tamil cinema.

As per the limitations of the movie the length is definitely not a plus point. Susi must reconsider the length of a few portions particularly the scenes involving the villains.

Vikram rocks as a CBI officer Kandhasamy and as a local Robinhood. He has given a new dimension to the characters he play in the film and has steered it to the winning post. Particularly, his appearance with a rooster head and different costume steals the show. The highlight is Kandhasamy dressed as a woman (like Aishwarya Rai). The presence of Charly and Mayilsamy make the scene very hilarious.

Certainly, Kandhasamy is another feather in the golden cap of this fantastic actor. Ace comedian Vadivelu rocks in the role as Thenkakadi Thenappan. Surely he is a major plus point for this magnum opus. Prabhu fits well in the role of an investigating officer. Susi Ganesan also appears in a cameo role.

Shreya, as a Hero [^]ine has done her role well. Her stylish look and impeccable professional approach makes her role close to the viewers heart. Devi Sri Prasad's music is another pleasing element in the film. All the songs have come out well and the outstanding camera work of NK Ekambaram makes the film as a high class entertainment.

Verdict: Visual extravaganza!

Cast: Vikram, Shreya, Vadivelu Prabhu, Ashish Vidhyarthy, Alex, Susi Ganesan, Krishna
Camera: NK Ekambaram
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Direction: Susi Ganesan
Producer: Kalaipuli S Thanu
PRO: Diamond Babu

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