Jul 16, 2009

Watch Anantapuram 1980 online telugu-tamil

Movie: Telugu (Anantapuram 1980 ) Naadodigal-HQ-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast: Sasikumar, Vijay, Bharani, Ananya, Neha, Abhinaya, Shanthini, Ganja Karuppu
Direction: P.Samutherakani
Production: S.Maikal Rayepan
Music: Sundar C.Babu
Release Year:2009

Set at the backdrops of Rajapalayam, the film revolves around three friends; Karunakaran (Sasi Kumar), a graduate of B.A. History anticipating for a Government job, Pandi (Kalloori fame Bharani) an unsuccessful youngster overwhelming with his own dreams and Chandran (Vasanth Vijay) ready to kick-start his business. Nallamma (Ananya) is deeply in love with her cousin boy Karuna while his sister Pavithra (Abhinaya) has great likeliness for his pal Chandran. Their lives are so elated like-in paradise and they’ve no worries ahead. But things take a twist of turn on Karuna’s friend Saravanan from Namakkal… This lad is the son of Ex-MP Sangvi who’s deeply in love with the city’s bigwig Palanivel Rajan daughter Prabha (Nivedha).

These friends come to the rescue mission of uniting the young couple. It’s a bittersweet mission as Karuna loses his eyesight temporarily, Pandian turns to be deaf while Chandran’s leg is disembodied. But they are gleeful for having extended a great aid in their nuptials. Nevertheless, they’re blown
out of waters when the married couple is ready for divorce… Will they spare this annoying act of Saravanan-Prabha gearing up for second marriage?

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