Jul 10, 2009

Sania Mirza engagement- marriage photos

sania and sohrab mirza

Family Members attended for engagement ;

All arrangements have been made for the engagement of Sania with Mohd Sohrab Mirza, a prospective owner of Universal Bakers, a popular chain of bakeries in Hyderabad at Hotel Taj Krishna at 8.30 pm on July 10.

The parents of both Sania and Sohrab are making it purely a family ceremony and restricted invitations to just around 300 guests. According to sources, cricket genius Sachin Tendulkar, tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi, cricketer-turned-MP Mohd Azharuddin, badminton star Pullela Gopichand are among the invitees, besides who’s who ofHyderabadi Nawabi families. There is strict “no” to the media, sources say.

Popular florists of Jam Bagh, Karachi Bakeries and Universal Bakeries would provide sweets and dry fruits. The Pista House of Old City of Hyderabad will supply special dishes like patthar -ka-gosht and qubani ka meetha. Two popular cooks of moghalai dishes in Government service have been hired by the Hotel to produce memorable biryani, chicken and dum-mutton dishes.

Celebrities Oponion on Sania mirza.....

Sania Mirza, God’s gift to Indian tennis, is known for her own brand of sex appeal and oomph both on and off the court. Bollywood, which has made her its favourite sports pin-up girl, has flirted with the idea of pulling her into movies. The topic came up last week again when Sania shared a stage with Shah Rukh Khan. SRK, himself, was not averse to the idea of the Hyderabadi stunner appearing onscreen. LT spoke to some Bollywood filmmakers and trade analysts to find out whether Sania could be the queen of the larger masses.

Subhash Ghai

Sania looks good, she has a great physique, face, and very expressive eyes. But most importantly, she has the fighting spirit. These are very impressive qualities. Some day, I would like to cast her in a movie. The genre of movies keeps changing here. If and when she decides to join the industry, who knows, we may have high-skilled action movies then. She will look good in them. I would like to make an action movie and cast her as a young, retired sportperson.

Farah Khan

I think her new look is quite nice. She is young and can experiment with her looks. Sania has a lot of potential to be a heroine. She is good looking, sexy, but frankly we need her more as a sports icon. She is unique in her field. I would probably cast her in a traditional Indian role. She has a great Indian face and features.

Vikram Bhatt

She has immense crowd-pulling ability and a huge presence among people, thanks to her achievements in tennis. I can’t say how well she will prove to be as an actress. If she has the desire, no doubt she will get her first film, but to sustain herself in the industry, she will have to train herself and give the required auditions. Other sports persons have become actors but unfortunately couldn’t leave their mark. If I have to cast Sania, then it will be in the role of a tennis star. She has the charisma to carry it off!

Taran Adarsh

I prefer Sania’s old look, it suited her better. She is pretty, hot and charismatic and she has everything going for her to become an actress. To top it, she has the aura of a young and powerful woman. She commands that interest. She is made of such stuff that you give her a second look. If she joins Bollywood, she will be the perfect foil to Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. There’s no doubt that she’ll be an instant hit.

Amod Mehra

Her new look makes her look younger, which doesn’t make sense as she is already young. Sania has the star power to draw in the public. She’s pretty, charismatic, good looking and most importantly, has very expressive eyes — a prime requisite to make a mark as an actress. Sania is blessed with
everything. She will really look good with Ranbir Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan. Our industry needs fresher and younger actresses. The slot for a young, successful actress is empty.

Kunal Kohli

Her new look definitely suits her. She has the looks and personality to get into movies and judging by her ads, she looks comfortable in front of the camera too. It would be interesting to work with a newcomer who’s a star in another field. I would like to cast her in a nice romantic role.

Aparna Sen

I don’t know whether she can become a good actress, but why do we need her to come to movies? She is doing pretty well in tennis, and as a sports icon, she draws immense love and respect. Let her be there. Everyone need not be a movie star.

Sania mirza marriage photos..
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