Sep 13, 2008

Illayraja - composed 875 films

Illayaraja is one music wizard who has had a mighty eventful career that has spanned decades. His is now getting ready to compose music for his 875th film 'Vilayadu Raja Vilayadu'. The film is to be directed by Illayaraja's elder brother Pavalar Varadharajan's son Jo Varadharajan.

Zakir of Friends Future Films is producing the venture. Prabha of 'Pirappu' fame acts as the hero and the heroine would be a debutante from Kerala. Manorama, Nalini and a prominent hero from Malayalam films are also part of the cast.

Natianjali is a dance festival that takes place regularly in Chidambaram and the filmmakers would be shooting the event for showcasing it in the film. This is expected to be a major highlight of 'Vilayadu Raja Vilayadu'.

Illayaraja has millions of fans and most definitely they would want to see the maestro compose music for his 1000th film. Now, wouldn't that be a great achievement?

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