Feb 8, 2013

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The first time I heard the title of his new movie, I asked Remo D’Souza, can anybody [and everybody] dance? But you get the response while surfing television channels: Dance-based shows have become a prerequisite for the programming department of most channels. From kids to young couples to even senior citizens, these dance-based shows feature just about anyone and everyone with the passion for dance. There’s no ‘age limit’, frankly. Come to think of it, music and dance are an integral part of our culture and day-to-day life. We love dancing, don’t we? Dancing on the streets, during weddings, birthday celebrations, festivals… we also break into a dance when India wins a crucial cricket match against a strong opponent.

Bollywood doesn’t have the tradition of making out-and-out dance-based movies, like Hollywood does with amazing regularity. At a point of time, B. Subhash did attempt a film or two starring Mithun Chakraborty [DISCO DANCER, DANCE DANCE]. Also NACHE MAYURI, featuring Sudha Chandran. But ABCD – ANY BODY CAN DANCE is the first of its kind that’s set against the backdrop of a dance competition. Does it ring a bell? Does it borrow from the STEP UP series? Perhaps, Remo may be motivated by the Hollywood film franchise, but he Indianizes it well enough, garnishing it with emotions that we can identify with and of course, choosing some of the best dancers for pivotal parts, besides casting Prabhu Dheva and Ganesh Acharya. Plus, this one’s in 3D.

Of course, there are hiccups [more on that later], but the triumph of the underdog, if attempted with conviction, seldom fails. And ABCD – ANY BODY CAN DANCE does have its share of moments that work!

For Vishnu [Prabhu Dheva], dance is more than a passion — it’s the reason he lives! So when he finds himself thrown out from the dance academy he himself set up by his manipulative business partner [Kay Kay Menon], it feels like the oxygen has been sucked out from the air he breathes. Heart-broken, Vishnu decides to give up dance and leave Mumbai forever.

However, the night before his departure, he witnesses a most amazing sight — a group of raw talent preparing for the upcoming dance competition during the Ganeshotsav. An annual festival that pits Mumbai’s best dance groups against each other. Watching the amazing dancers helps Vishnu arrive at a decision. He decides to take this disparate group under his wing, help them overcome their personal rivalries and past demons and turn them into India’s best dance squad!

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ABCD(Any Body Can Dance)Telugu(2013)
Cast & Crew: Prabhu Deva, Ganesh Acharya, Kay Kay Menon
Music: Sachin – Jigar
Lyrics: Chandrabose, Vennelakanti, Bhuvana Chandra
Director: Remo DSouza
Producer: P.Kishor
Sound Of Vel
Vel Records
Ganpati Bappa Moriyaa
Sujith, Veena
I Am A Fool
Rakendu Mouli, Suraj
Buddhi Siddhi Vruddhi Anni
Tippu, Shankar Mahadevan
Nalo Utshahame
Karthik, Veena
Hey Ammathodu Adirindi
Chirunavvula Thotaku Swagatam
Marannanaina Odinchali
Ranjith, Sujith
Are Enti Poraa Kotigaa
Mano, Sagar
Puvvulu Ruvvina Javvani Sokulu

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