Dec 28, 2012


Aadhaar is basically a unique identification number consisting of 12 digits issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) and is to be given to every citizen of India. This will be a future identification way for every Indian and will be involved in all phases of life. This number will be stored in centralized database and will be the key to the opening of every citizen’s record from photograph to fingerprints.
Once the process of Aadhaar is complete it will be involved in every identification documents to avail certain services and otherwise. After Aadhaar will come into picture, there will be no repeated need to documents once identification before providing any services; it will do once and for all. This will be the magic of this 12 digit UID.

One must be interested to know what is process involved in applying for Aadhaar card. Here are certain protocols and steps to be followed. Anyone who is the resident of India satisfying the UIDAI process can avail Aadhaar card.

1)      Documents required are Aadhaar application form, photo identification proof and address proof.
2)      One may go to any official Aadhaar enrollment department in India to get your Aadhaar card done.

3)      There are 18 identification proof documents and 33 address proof documents that UIDAI accepts as valid proofs. Common among them are voters ID, ration card, driving license and passport.

4)      Photo identification proof can be done with likes of PAN card and residence proof can be done with electricity bill and water bill of past three months.

5)      At enrollment center you need to fill the Aadhaar application form and may take help of the volunteers there at the center.

6)      At enrollment center fingerprints, photograph and iris scan will be required as the part of the protocol to feed into database.

7)      A temporary slip with enrollment number will be provided as an acknowledgement.

8)      Based on your documents your details will be verified and in case if all comes right an Aadhaar number will be send to your address.

Customer Care

Aadhar Card or UIDAI offer Toll Free No. in India. Toll Free Number is available in Hindi and English Language.

Toll Free No.1800 180 1947
 Fax: (080) 2353 1947


 Here you can download Aadhar Card Form: Click here

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