Nov 11, 2012

SkyFall Released and Collected Record Collections- Watch Trailer

Daniel Craig's latest outing as James Bond is a hit with his Indian fans. Skyfall, his new adventure as the British agent 007, has taken in a first-week gross of Rs 34.5 crore at the Indian box-office after seeing a four-day opening weekend run worth Rs 27.5 crore.

This is the second-biggest opening for any Hollywood film in India after The Amazing Spider-Man, which grossed nearly Rs 34.5 crore over its first weekend earlier this year, and also the highest for any non-3D release.

Incidentally, Skyfall, which opened last week on a Thursday instead of the regular Friday slot, also saw the biggest Thursday opening for any Hollywood film in India with a Rs 6.5-crore first-day intake. 

 SkyFall Released and Collected Record Collections - Watch Trailer

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