Dec 25, 2010

Anushka Dream is coming true with Nagarjuna

Most beautiful south indian actress Anushka needs to stay in Tollywood top position and a hit is what she needs very urgently. Already a year has passed out and yet she is to register a genuine hit. Reason being quite obvious that anushka lost her senses in selecting the projects. anushka might be called as a dream combination with Nagarjuna and ‘Ragada’ might be one such movie which could offer a break. ‘I always feel special and lucky acting besides Nagarjuna and he will always fulfill my dreams. This time also I hope he will serve me with a hit ending the year for me a on a good note,’ said anushka waiting for the response from initial crowds watching the ‘Ragada’ movie. Will Nag be able to fulfill anushka’s dream? Wait for few more minutes as we get you the update.

We wish Ragada Movie will give great Success to Both Actors and its  crew...Friends you can share you comments about the movie RagDa...

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