Oct 1, 2010

ROBO -Music - Highlights Picturised locations around the world

Music composer is AR Rahaman who is one of the top music directors in the world. The director of the Robo movie is Sankar (who is the brother of Arjun, a wonderful director and he is the gift for Indian cinema industry.

Here is the description of the songs -

1. Neelo Valapu: This song is canned on scientist and Aishwarya in a beautiful foreign locale. Since it’s for the scientist character, there are not much of dance movements in the song. However the location and mood of the song is very good. Watching blue water body amidst arid desert is wonderful.

2. Inumulo Hrudayam: It is the first song in the second half. Shankar reserved the best three songs
of the movie to the second half. This song comes when Robo expresses its love to the heroine.

3. Kilimanjaro: This song is shot in Peru against the backdrop of world-famous historic site Machu Picchu. The costumes, music, camerawork and Aishwarya Rai’s dances movements make this song a special one.

4. Harima Harima: This is the best song of the movie in terms of picturization. Rajnikanth dances along with Aishwarya in his own empire consisting of Rajni-look-alike robo-sepians. Rajnikanth is amazing as he walks with a couple of chained electronic lions.

Analysis : -  First half of the movie is good and interesting. Second half is excellent. The final 30 minutes of action sequences are mind-blowing. Shankar teams up with Rajnikanth to make this logic-defying entertainer that appeals to every movie lover around. The plus points are Shankar’s story telling, Rajnikanth’s charishma and extremely imaginative special effects/ animatronics. The flipside is that a few number of scenes are logic-less as it is supposed to be science fiction. Robo is the best special effects film ever made in India and is definitely India’s answer to Hollywood in terms of both special effections and imagination. Go and watch it Right now.. STOP PIRACY GO AND ENJOY IN THE THEATERS 
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